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Artificial Flowers & Plants

Artificial Flowers & Plants
This 15in. Geranium with Black Planter UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor) by Nearly Natural is UV resistant so it can be displayed inside or outside with little to no care. Delicate petals are scrunched together to mimic a true geranium plant. The flowers sit atop lush leaves that poke through for subtle..
$76.95 $76.95
Let your decorating creativity soar with this full, attractive 19in. Boxwood Ball (Indoor/Outdoor) by Nearly Natural. Lovingly shaped into a ball, complete with 1988 leaves, this lush, green beauty looks strikingly real, and is perfect for whatever decorating use you deem fit. Arrange several in a ..
$53.86 $53.86
Trimmed to perfection, this potted 30” boxwood topiary makes a perfect addition to your mantel and draws the gaze. The gray cylinder planter provides a contrast to the well-groomed foliage for a complete look.Silk arrangements are manufactured using synthetic materials, such as polyester material or..
$78.35 $78.35
Bold and bright, this eucalyptus plant is a perfect addition to any setting, but it would look lovely on a hall table or used elsewhere near an entryway. The leaves are densely packed together for an added touch of realism, and the entire thing sits in a minimalist sand colored bowl topped with dec..
$50.95 $50.95
Forever evergreen is this 2.5ft. Peperomia Artificial Plant in Metal Planter UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor) by Nearly Natural; boasting a collection of bright foliage stemming from a metal planter with natural moss. Standing 2.5’ tall and UV resistant, you can set it on your outside porch or patio wi..
$50.95 $50.95
Tiny boxwood leaves come together to create a full bush. Crafted to round out the edges, this floor plant has a spherical shape that is pleasing to the eye. Comes in a stately, gray urn. Recommended for indoor or outdoor use.Silk arrangements are manufactured using synthetic materials, such as polye..
$59.18 $59.18
Full of elegant detail and housed inside a visually striking display, this piece captures the attention of anyone who walks into a room. Beautiful white orchids are the centerpiece of this selection, and are further accentuated by intriguing green succulents. Complementing the overall presentation i..
$60.85 $60.85
The green leaves of this 27-inch boxwood artificial plant are trimmed to perfection—giving this piece’s foliage a soft feather-like quality to them. This 27in. Boxwood Artificial Plant in Black Planter (Indoor/Outdoor) by Nearly Natural sports an elegant look, you can set this ornament next to a sof..
$77.26 $77.26
The boxwood topiary is skilled and cut to perfection. If you are one to appreciate good art, then add this eye-catching artificial plant to your home arrangement. It comes in an elegant white tower to complete the crisp look. Silk arrangements are manufactured using synthetic materials, such as poly..
$69.95 $69.95
Adorned with intricate stems, this lush 3ft. Cedar Artificial Bush (Indoor/Outdoor) by Nearly Natural is the perfect background foliage for a fireplace floor arrangement or mudroom accent piece. Lifelike, detailed cedar leaves are arranged with adjustable stems. Place with holiday accessories or spr..
$51.69 $51.69
Equally charming indoors or outdoors this rustic cedar in a rustic barrel planter topped with moss is perfect for a casual location like a cabin or hunting lodge. Set it on an end or sofa table or consider using it near a fireplace or by an entranceway. Silk arrangements are manufactured using synt..
$76.95 $76.95
Bring the rustic beauty of this lovely artificial cedar to your outdoors or indoors space. Tucked into a textured oval planter with white river rocks, this cedar is perfect addition to an entry table or a spacious terrace.Silk arrangements are manufactured using synthetic materials, such as polyeste..
$55.82 $55.82
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